Crochet Dress for my yorky "Mhaithong"

My dog's name is "Mhaithong" meaing "Golden Silk". I named here like this because of her color. She is 4 years old already. I made the crochet dress for her and she likes it very much. She likes to be dressed, like every girl, right ?

I did not have pattern of this crochet dress, I did it by measured her body and then crochet. But I will do it again and will note down the pattern, if anybody may interest to make for their puppy.

Have a nice day :-)


Mother's Day

In Thailand 12 August is mother day because this is our Queen's birthday. I was not so happy with my son but pleasured that my brother who always said he loves me like mother invite me to his home for dinner. Of course, my son went along. He is not so bad but not perfect as I would like him to be. Please don't blame me that why I expect too much. But every mothers may think like me, like to see the very best success of their kids right?

May be soon, he is trying to do things better.

Long time ago, I have kept these pictures which showing how much mother love son but son may not realize or appliciate what his mother done until she died. It's hurt me a little bit but it's true. So we should teach our kids to be good with mother and others.

My son is kind, polite but looks like he doesn't active enough. It may be because of myself that feed him too much. I should let him lack of things and has to discover by himself. Do I?