Hoya..หรือชื่อไทยว่า นมตำเลีย

I knew Hoya for long time ago, due to my boss has nursery/export of cycas and other plants in Chiangmai but that time I am not eager to plant it. But I have one Heart Leaf (H.Kerrii) for 4-5 years already but never see its flower.

Now when I saw in tree room@Pantip where a lot of people there crazy in this kind of flowers and they have a lot of very nice flower to show. I fall in love with it and would like to have one too.

Then I start collect one to two and now I have 9 Hoya's already !
I don't know much about its name but I am studying.

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  1. http://topicstock.pantip.com/jatujak/topicstock/2008/11/J7217813/J7217813.html more details about Hoya