The peace of mind

I've subscribe from this site for a long time already, and this topic I would like to share, very good. From the editor's - No. 144. I think the focus. [Image: dungtrin_new2] real peace and quiet. Mental disability caused by a distracted voice. The room is silent, not to talk. The serenity of the place. Classified as external. The membrane must be silent. However, most people feel the silence at the eardrum. The moment just before the grill into place. A few moments to feel the noise inside. Amid the silence that has not changed enough. The peace of mind. Classified as internal. The mind itself is the silence. When the cause of peace and quiet in saturated enough. The outside is noisy or quiet. We will feel unresponsive. Do not fidget. No secret of the inserts. How to quiet inside. We know is a serious distraction wildly. I absolutely agree. I feel the resistance. Agree that it's rough. To the curtain, I finally realized that it's hollow. Nothing at all when we see it shifting. I like to lure the evil agenda. When he lost consciousness and accept it. I have not tried to disappear. Consciousness as a distraction, often wildly. Becomes the main set. Chai for the peace and quiet. Peace and quiet that it's not really so. The best wishes of mindfulness meditation. The grass April 55.

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