My Cat JiewLiew

One night about 9.40 pm. 6 months ago, I got telephone from friend that she found a little baby cat sitting in the market on Ramkamhang Soi 24.  The cat is about 1 month old and nobody there saw its mom.  My friend can not take the cat home as she lives with relative and she has already one cat so she likes me to take care of this cat and then she will find a home for him.

My son drive me with his motorcycle and when I saw the cat I fall in love with him, he was very tiny and cried, he may hungry so I feed him with Goat Milk.  He is very naughty and cute.  He likes to lay down on my lap or behind my back when I am using computer.  When I come back from from work, he runs to me and say Meawwww.... put his head on my foot and lay down on the floor showing his stomach for me to touch and he likes very much when I rub his head.

He is almost 8 months old and I have to bring him to doctor for sterilization.  I don't want him to go out and fight with other male cats.

I also have 2 female persian cats at home but they are old, don't like to run and jumb like JiewLiew :-)


  1. Last night he tried hard to play with Sophie and Malinee my two girls persian but they don't want to play with him